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Lan wrote:

I'd ask her what she likes and dislikes about the D300? If she likes the size, then perhaps another dSLR would be best.

If she wants something smaller with excellent image quality, then mirrorless might be a better option - perhaps consider the Sony A7C and the new 28-60 compact kit lens? Sony's AF tracking is hard to beat, and it would make a really nice small kit, whilst providing significantly better image quality than a phone.

I don't think the a7c will be an option as she tried my wife's xpro 2 and found it too small.

She wants to get more serious glass as she wants to try do baby/kid portraits and expand her current business.

My inclination to DSLR is it's what she is used to and if she went f mount has access to my lenses and my dad's.

The only reason I think she likes mirrorless is the evf showing the exposure.

I just don't want to steer her in the wrong direction with either old tech DSLR with a mount that is fading away, or buy into a system that will be DOA e.g. if z goes the way of the nikon 1 series and they chuck a pentax and produce low numbers of dslr.

For me next camera I buy will be a d780 or z6 and my instant reaction is to recommend those or the older d750 but I'm invested in nikon and bias towards them.

She liked the a7r2 as well but said didn't like the body but liked the features.

I just don't want her to buy a dud or something she won't enjoy or worse won't do the job

For children that move fast and are running around, Sonys facetracking and eye AF is amazing and years ahead of other companies, most reviewers will agree, its one of the main reasons to own a Sony.

If she does go the DSLR route, I would strongly encourage buy everything used locally, probably from someone who is switching to mirrorless. There is no sense buying DSLR lenses these days as they simply don't hold their value anymore, I see it all the time as I frequently buy camera gear on kijiji and facebook marketplace. If she is on a tight budget, she could get a lot more buying a DSLR by picking up excellent condition equipment used, just know when you go to upgrade or sell it wont be worth much.

I get this I take advantage of this regularly haha

Id say in another five years DSLRs will be mostly a thing of the past, the only people I know of who still use them are (not trying to offend anyone or anything) the older guys who are too accustomed to them to want to switch.

Haha I get that I must be old at heart as im only 32 and vastly prefer DSLR but I think it's probably due to getting used to a nikon f3 at age 13 and going from there. My dad who is 61 is in that category however Sam said she was thinking about mirrorless and my dad scoffed. I just know I'm bias so want to put her in the right direction

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