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Some things I would have your sister consider are the following:

1. Which colors does she prefer when comparing these three cameras?  This will help save her a lot of post production work.

2. As was mentioned . . . Are the lenses available that she will want to use?  It doesn't matter how good the camera is if it is not accompanied by the lens or lenses she will need to use for her business.

3. Are size and weight a consideration?

4. Lastly, which one will last longer and be forward looking?  Mirrorless seems to be the future for several reasons which means after a few years it might be hard to get parts for a DSLR camera.

Before the Z-series cameras came out, I too was toying between a Nikon D750 and a Sony A7iii.  I think I would have been happy with either one, but I went with the Sony since it was smaller and lighter.  The recent Sony 7 series cameras have spot-on focusing but I do prefer the colors of the Nikon.  I have a D5100 and in certain situations portraits are phenomenal.  The Sony A7iii was used to take the best portraits I have ever shot but I think that the colors are on the cool side at least in my experience.

I realize that some readers here will offer the option of working out the differences in post or even making adjustments to the settings in the camera itself but the less work required the better, especially if you are talking about a lot of photos you have to browse through and edit for each customer.

Just my two cents.


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