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Lynxo wrote:


Can you fill me in? When Sigma made their own camera bodies, was it a legal issue they did not choose to use existing mounts such as Canon and Nikon?

Sigma did not choose to use existing mounts for the same reason Canon did not choose to use an existing mount for their EOS line of cameras years ago. They wanted to sell Canon lenses. Why would Sigma make a camera for people to use their Canon or Nikon lenses on it? There's no money in making cameras in low volume, like Sigma does. It's the lenses that make these companies the bulk of their profits (when there are profits).

SA mounts lens are not exactly cheap and you are stuck with this mount.

Well, you can use the Sigma MC-11 and MC-21 mount adapters (to adapt your SA-mount lenses to other mounts, like the L mount or the Sony E mount).

Would they have not sold more camera bodies using a Canon or Nikon mount?
So why are they making their new lens in Leica mount?

Because they joined the L Mount Alliance.

So their trend is to continue to make lenses with other mounts and ditch Sigma mount for future bodies?

They have ditched the SA mount, just like Sony ditched the A mount and Canon and Nikon have ditched their DSLR mounts.

Their lens conversion service is great but price is too steep.

I agree. You'd be better off selling your used lens and buying a different used lens in the mount of your choice.

Used Sigma 17-50mm going around $220-240. Sigma mount, no used, retail $369.

You can't get the mount changed on the older lenses - only the "Global Vision" lenses (i.e. Art, Sport, and Contemporary). Complicated, huh?

So you end up paying more for pretty much same thing. Not very motivating. No incentive to buy Sigma other than their sensor.

That's true, and probably why Sigma decided to join the L Mount Alliance, rather than trying to go it alone again, with their own mirrorless mount, like Nikon and Canon are doing. Sony lead the way, so they had no choice but to make their own new mirrorless mount, but Nikon could just use the Sony E mount. They chose not to, because they are big enough, I guess. Panasonic is a huge company with a lot of experience, and even they decided to go with a tried and true mount - the Leica L mount. I think Sigma was smart to follow suit, and join the alliance. They will benefit greatly.

Almost $400 for dedicated TTL flash and not even available?I’m sticking to manual flash, no choice anyway. I’m just scratching my head.

What are you scratching your head about? Is it the fact that there are very few strobes offered by Sigma for their cameras? You can use strobes for Canon camera, if I'm not mistaken.

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