Anybody using multiple M bodies to avoid lens changes?

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Re: Anybody using multiple M bodies to avoid lens changes?

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Yes ...

Lightweight Kit (everything M-mount)
• M50 / 18-150
• M2 / 11-22
sometimes I throw in a couple of extra lenses - 22mm, 55-200

Heavier Kit (traveling in car, plenty of space, yada yada)
• 6D / 16-35 f/4
• M50 /18-150
• extra lenses - EF 24-105 f/4, EF 70-200 f/4, EF 100 f/2.8L macro, EF 35 f/2IS, M22, EF to M adapter

I see for a heavy setting you choose 16-35 over 11-22 rather than 24-105 over 18-150. I mean you can choose M50/11-22 and 6D/24-105.

Would you tell me what leads you to make this selection?

- The IQ difference between 11-22 and 16-35L is big?
- The IQ difference between 18-150 and 24-105L is negligible?
- The range of 18-150 is much better than that of 24-105L?

For starters - the "heavy" selection is quite flexible, i.e. I've carried the M50/11-22 & 6D/24-105 on numerous occasions.

  • 16-35L vs 11-22 ... both are very capable lenses but comparing images between the two I find the 16-35 images to be more appealing to my taste. It's almost as if those images have a certain "pop" and possibly better color. Very subjective, of course, and I'm not disappointed with images from the 11-22.
  • 24-105 vs 18-150 ... again, I've been happy enough with images from either lens (actually surprised with the capabilities of the 18-150, esp. in good light) so I'm OK with either lens.
  • range - the 6D/16-35 & M50/18-150 provides a good range and slightly more reach without having to change lenses so that seems to work out OK in a lot of situations
  • another range setup - 6D/24-105 & M50/70-200 adapted when I really need the longer reach.
  • the "heavy" kit does allow a lot of flexibility in body/lens combos albeit at the cost of additional size/weight of gear being carried

No easy answers ... still experimenting, still learning.

Thank you.

One quick question. As you can see "pop" effect on 16-35 in comparison to on 11-22, how about 24-105 over 18-150? Do you see the similar outcome or the negligible difference between them? I mean... do you think the difference between 16-35L and 11-22 is bigger than the difference between 24-105L and 18-150 only in terms of image quality?

In terms of image quality I'm not sure that I see any meaningful difference between the 24-105 and 18-150, especially when I've got decent light. If the lighting is not optimum I generally try to shoot with the 6D - resulting images look better with little or no post-processing.

To recap - I'm still a little bit "old school" and prefer the size & feel of a DSLR with its larger, heavier lenses. I'm pretty comfortable carrying that setup, even walking around all day in Rome or Paris - plus I do like the built-in GPS of the 6D which works flawlessly, unlike the Camera Connect GPS in the M50 which doesn't always stay connected. That said, I'm growing to like mirrorless with its smaller size & weight and try to use it more & more, especially when traveling or when I know I'll have good light (still experimenting, still learning).

Click this LINK and scroll down to the Rome Coliseum pictures - some are taken with the 16-35 & some with the 24-105 - fairly similar, perhaps some subtle differences. I actually prefer carrying the 16-35 (non-extending zoom) but sometimes I need the reach of the 24-105. That's where carrying the M50/18-150 becomes handy - greater reach in a smaller package. Scroll up to the Lake Como pics - some are with the 6D/24-105 and some with the M50/18-150 - mostly in similar lighting. Scroll down to the State Botanical Garden photos - these images were captured with the M50/18-150, mostly in good light. Scroll back up to the On Stage section - all images were in stage lighting conditions, a real challenge for the M50 but the 6D works fine, even with f/4 lenses - most of the captures are SOOC jpgs with possibly some slight sharpening - my goto lenses are the 24-105, 70-200 f/4, 85 f/1.8, 35 f/2. Other bodies I've tried include the M2, M50, 50D, 80D but my keeper rate with the 6D is significantly higher.
Hope this helps.

A nice collection of beautiful photos. Thank you. It helps a lot.

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