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Re: What would I do with it?

Alphoid wrote:

Thank you for the links.

If doing that, I guess my question would be about why I'd bother with an actual camera?

My first pass last night was:

  • Take a c-mount lens adapter, and hot-glue a toilet paper tube in place. This blocks off most light.
  • Take a tissue box. Mount the lens in the tissue box. Stick that over the toilet paper tube.

I stuck an old u4/3 camera on a support, and moved the tissue box to focus.

The pictures weren't great, but I did get one nice portrait. For the most part, contrast was horrible, but I figure that's because light was leaking in. If I were fancy -- and I probably eventually will be -- I'd attach a black sheet of cloth between the two blocking the light, and spray paint everything black.

One of the keys is that I get a pretty good preview with mirrorless, which reduces a lot of the complexity of traditional cameras of this type.

So far, I'm at $35 budget spent, plus another $15 to bump up to free shipping

I think you're on the right track here. If you could find two tubes or boxes that are a good fit to telescope that could take it up a notch.

Getting more serious, you might look for a cheap macro bellows on ebay -- most of them can be adapted to m4/3 so you'd be looking for something where it would be fairly easy to attach your lens to the front. But that could run 30 or 40 bucks for bellows, shipping and m4/3 adapter -- maybe overkill for this kind of project.

Even with the light leaks blocked contrast will be low and flare high. Lens coatings were not what they are now -- if this lens is even coated.


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