Any serious cyclist AND photographer here?

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Re: Any serious cyclist AND photographer here?

First you need to decide why you're out there, as IMHO it's too difficult to do long rides and take many pics at the same time.

If cycling matters more, then something like a GoPro with a bike mount might work; I think Minoura make a bar clamp with a tripod screw to go on the bars too, which should hold most small cameras.

If you're prepared to stop and take your time, then you need to figure out what gear you're prepared to carry, and fiddle about with. In my case that would be an RX100 or GM5 in a very small bar bag/pocket, with a few small lenses.

If you're riding with others they're unlikely to be patient, so speed will matter.

If you're by yourself there are more options. For examples of what can be done I suggest checking out these sites:

^ The last isn't quite cycling, but close enough.

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