DOF- why do I only get a key-press preview?

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Re: DOF- why do I only get a key-press preview?

BigBrother70 wrote:

Hey all. New M50 owner here. I was pretty surprised to find, after a few first shoots, that the f/stop's effect on DOF wasn't being shown in the preview display. I asked on here and elsewhere and found that I could set a button to preview it, which I summarily did. But I'm still disappointed and a bit baffled by all this...

1. Why wouldn't the camera always be showing this to begin with? Exposure and focus, two obviously critical factors to a shot, are always updated to show me what I'll be getting, so why not DOF as well?

2. The camera is obviously capable of doing this. In the Scn mode, I can adjust "background blur" (I assume a hybrid setting that adjusts your f/stop while adjusting ISO, exposure adjustment, and/or shutter speed to keep exposure fixed) and the final result is permanently shown. I can then walk around, point, and shoot seeing the actual DOF level that will result. (But I don't want to use this mode as I need more control.)

Basically this all just seems... weird. DOF is quite important to the shot and yet it's A) completely hidden from view by default, B) only viewable in a temporary fashion when it is enabled, and C) deemed important enough to be solved for all these only in a beginner mode.


Thanks all!

It's traditional. Every Canon SLR since 1959 has done this (I'm not sure that all of them even had a DOF preview), every Canon DSLR and every Canon mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses. SLRs do this so you can see what's going on through the viewfinder when you're using an aperture like f/11. It's also easier to focus a lens when it's wide open (unless the focus shifts significantly when you stop down) and also means that Canon don't have to amplify the viewfinder feed so much most of the time.  It's not as if you can focus critically on a 3" screen or through a viewfinder without focussing aids anyway.

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