M line ever adding a an EVF or Hybrid O/EVF?

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Re: M line ever adding a an EVF or Hybrid O/EVF?

tapirek wrote:

I would definitely want Q2 with the possibility of changing lens. Even if the lenses are MF only.

Many people have asked for this.

I suspect that Leica sees the lens, the sensor, and the processor as one "integrated" whole. The lens, when stripped of software corrections, shows marked barrel distortion; it only works so well as a combination (Einheit in German). The lens is probably designed to be small and light.

Were the Q2 to be available as an M-mount camera, it's quite possible that M lenses would not work so well as they do in the M10.

Leica could offer the Q2 with a range of alternative lenses, but for the size and performance they would need to be "integrated" as well as the 28mm; that suggests that they would have to be fixed lenses. That might also mean that the Q2's "market segment" would be negatively altered; too much choice isn't always a good thing. Faced with the choice between fixed-lens cameras with, say, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm how would anyone choose? Who wants to carry a bagful of cameras rather than an M10R and a few small lenses?

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