New R6 from BB definitely used, opinions?

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ruefy wrote:

Hi Everyone,

Been reading the forum for awhile and am a current R owner upgrading to an R6.

Just got my R6 today from BB and it's 100% been used with at least 400 shots on it and menu all customized as well as camera wifi connection setup to someone's named phone and still on original firmware so it wasnt a new shipment.

I don't see any physical damage and seems to be working ok but it's been bugging me what to do with it.

Anyone experience a similar situation buying a new camera? Would you keep it or return/refund?

Still dont understand how Canon can package the cameras in unsealed boxes so poorly for sale but maybe that's part of the retail strategy.


If it was bought "new" then it should be supplied as such. You don't really know if the camera was dropped or mishandled.  I just spent hours trying to help a guy on Instagram who bought the RF 85mm f/1.2L USM lens and was experiencing a defocused lens.  In the end, he admitted that he got a great price on it and suspected there must be something wrong with the item (I believe it was dropped).  In another instance we had a member here with a similar lens that was producing soft results when zoomed (I think it was the RF 28-70mm f/2L) and when we asked more questions it turned out the lens wasn't new.  Unless you know the very history of the item, it may produce problems.  The biggest reason people give for returning an item (when asked privately) is that they dropped it or a member of their family/friends mishandled it.
Not directed at you personally, ruefy:
I have read countless posts in this forum along of people buying new R cameras and new RF lenses and then deciding which ones they will keep after taking hundreds or even thousands of pictures with these devices.  How many bought BOTH an R5 and and R6 and then claimed to return one of them "after trying it out"?  Some poor sap is going to end up with the used goods.  And you guys that keep buying and returning things "because your sales practices (in your country or state) allow it" are simply creating the rod that is being used to beat your own backs with.
As long as people are allowed to return delicate electronics goods "just because they don't want them" or "for buyer's remorse reasons", this is going to continue. Restocking Fees?  That's not an excuse to feel good about returning an item for any other reason other than product defect or false advertising by the seller.  If it's genuinely unused, that's one thing.  But in the United States you seem to be able to just use something and return it for a full refund.  Unless this practice stops, these problems will continue.

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