Purchasing a R6 and very confused about cards and lenses

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Re: Purchasing a R6 and very confused about cards and lenses

Sarah Is Confused wrote:

Hello everyone,

First post here. I have been photographing on my second hand, very beat up, 7D for years and have decided to take the plunge and buy a R6. I'm not very technology minded and having been using the equipment for so long I'm a bit confused about all the different options for cards. Google is telling me I should buy 2 "SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro 300MB/s UHS-II SDXC Card", would you all agree with this?

Depends what you want to do and how tight the budget is.

The two things that require the highest speed are long sustained high speed (high frames per second) bursts of RAW files, and the highest quality video.

If you plan to take long bursts (more than a few seconds) at the maximum 20 frames per second (fps) in full RAW quality then you want a high speed card like the 300Mb/s UHS-II card.

If, however, you are either just using JPEG, or you will never take long bursts (no kid's sports or Birds in Flight) AND the budget is a bit tighter right now, then a Sandisk Extreme Pro 95Mb/s (or 170Mb/s) UHS-I card is probably sufficient.

Also, you only really NEED two cards if you are worried about losing files and plan to write the images to both cards simultaneously (or you just want a spare, which is always sensible, but it doesn't have to be an identical spare). Do you use two cards on your old 7D ?

For video, if you only ever plan to use the lower quality settings like Full HD (1080P), then again, the slower card will be fine. If you plan to use the highest quality 4K, then you may need the fastest card.

As for the size of the card, again it depends on what you want to do. A RAW file on R6 is probably around 30Mb, so a 128Gb card should hold 4,300 full quality RAW photos or maybe 14,000 JPEG photos. Will you ever need that much capacity between opportunities to download the photos ?

Full highest quality 4K video will eat card capacity, so if you are planning to shoot longer videos then more capacity is required.

I'm hoping to purchase a 70-200mm lens later in the year and wasn't sure if I should go for a secondhand (but like new) EF or a new (but with cash back) RF. Does anyone have an opinion on this?

I assume that you are referring to the EF 70-200mm f2.8 ii lens ? There is also a f4 version which is cheaper smaller and lighter.

Again, it depends on budget. As stated above, the RF version has benefits but is likely to cost more than even a good second hand EF f2.8, and a LOT more than a second hand f4 EF lens.

I mostly photograph my children but I'm also taking a video course and plan to use the camera for family films. I also have a set of studio lights that I use for "photoshoots" with my children.

Thank you all so much, all advice is welcome.


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