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BGD300V1 wrote:

Justfocus wrote:

Sorry change of subject. I really like your photographs.

Separately to that I started looking on Flickr etc and just noticed more of the landscape pictures there that I liked were taken with DSLRs (like some of yours). It made me wonder if I was on the right track considering buying mirrorless which I have been doing.

You have to note that there are far more DSLR's in circulation than mirrorless. There is little if any difference in the sensors. The qualities you are seeing in the images are more the product of the lenses and the photographers skill and post processing.

Whether or not there is a mirror in the focussing path is immaterial.

There is a thread on reflections in landscapes at https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/64266443

It's one of the genre forums (Landscape and Travel) the images are from a very wide range of cameras. You might find it interesting.

Interesting, thank you.

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