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ms photo studio wrote:

twamers wrote:

ms photo studio wrote:

I am starting all over again

been pro photographer full time for 7 years

last week i was at the camera store and tried the D850

then i tried the 5D mark 4 love at the first sight for both

tell me something that i don't know help me to decide what to buy

i know a lot of people will tell "its up to your preference" or "do you really need 45 mp"

i know all that that's why i can't decide

What did you shoot previously? And do you still have any lenses? If so that might help you decide.

If it were me I'd use this opportunity to buy the best DSLR ever made (D850) providing it feels good in the hand for the grip as you'll no doubt hold it for long periods so it needs to feel good in your hand/for reaching controls. If the D850 meets that for you then I think that's the one to go for.

Commercial photography, mostly jewelry, watches, perfume, lotions and other stuff you can find on a woman magazine.

also a little bit of real estate.

d850 and 5 d mark iv are both nice cameras, not needed 45 mp and movie

No i don't have my lenses anymore, starting all over as i said

So, all you need is a lightbox and a few macro lenses. Even the large posters in malls and shopping centers don't really need 45mp.

Nikon flash control is better than Canon, but you will probably use studio lights.

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