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Re: Pictures of lens

Alphoid wrote:

The exact one Leonard Migliore recommended (I'm old enough that I've learned to listen to my betters):

You should be able to grip the silver ring around the part that says Optar and the serial number and unscrew the front optics assembly all in one set. It should come out by hand, but something like a rubber jar lid gripper may help

On the rear, the outer part with spanner notches is the retainer ring to hold the lens in the board. It should unscrew easily. The part it threads onto is the rear lens barrel -- it should unscrew from the shutter like the front.

Removing those pieces will reveal the shutter and diaphragm blades.

The shutter timing mechanism is under the plate with Graphex and the f numbers. Usually there are a couple of screws to remove this, but I don't see them here. Possibly it is held in place by the front lens barrel and will lift off after you unscrew that.

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