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Re: Switching to full frame

yetishot wrote:

I have quite a bit of $$$ invested in the a6500 and 7 or so lenses' including a G master lens and was curious if hanging on to the g master lens and using with the a7r3 until I get a full frame lens an ok option. Mainly Im looking for better low light/noise performance and Im not sure if I would at least get that advantage shooting in crop mode until I get a FF lens?

For lowlight and noise, going from the A6500 to the A7 III for an example is going to provide you with a substantial upgrade if you are using full frame glass.  If you are going to shoot cropped, you will still get some benefits but they will be limited somewhat.

My advice, if you have to have the best now and can only shoot cropped, go full frame.  If you don't have to have the best quality immediately, continue to shoot with what you have until you can go full frame camera and glass.

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