Required space on iPad for photos library

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Re: Required space on iPad for photos library

Majeur wrote:

I am thinking about to quit with lightroom and start with Raw Power in combination with the mac photos library. So far I do like the app (eventually in combination with Affinity).

What I just cant figure out is the following. For example, I take the 2Tb iCloud storage option. Lets say the Photos Library will take 500Gb. That should be no problem so far on

Raw Power has also an app for the iMac.
What if I want to see and edit the photos on my iPad with 256Gb storage? Will that be possible or does the storage on the iPad also have to be at least 500Gb?

I’ve got a similar set up, about 600GB of photos in my 2TB storage, using Raw Power.

My Photos Library takes up 9.6GB on the iPad and 75GB on my iMac. Raw Power is using about 3GB on the iPad (don’t use it on the iMac, although it’s installed). Both devices have 500GB of storage. My iPad is only using about 25% of its storage overall.

The iCloud system automatically manages the space requirements for each device, downloading, storing and deleting local caches as needed. All the originals are kept in the cloud, so you can view your entire library on almost any size of mobile device.

You can use the edits from Raw Power on both devices, only images being worked on are downloaded locally, which is handled by the OS.

I’ve been viewing my full collection between the 512GB iPad Pro, my 512GB iMac and a 64GB iPhone.

There’s even my old Lightroom library still syncing at the moment too.

So no, you don’t need to worry about space (to a certain degree anyway) between the devices, as long as you have sufficient cloud space for the library to upload, and local storage for editing at least some images at a time.

Raw Power also enables you to sync its edits across the devices too, so you can edit on a mobile device, and then re-edit, or continue editing on a desktop (as an example).


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