Required space on iPad for photos library

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Re: Required space on iPad for photos library

Majeur wrote:

I am thinking about to quit with lightroom and start with Raw Power in combination with the mac photos library. So far I do like the app (eventually in combination with Affinity).

What I just cant figure out is the following. For example, I take the 2Tb iCloud storage option. Lets say the Photos Library will take 500Gb. That should be no problem so far on

Raw Power has also an app for the iMac.
What if I want to see and edit the photos on my iPad with 256Gb storage? Will that be possible or does the storage on the iPad also have to be at least 500Gb?

You don't have to have the same storage on iPad as you have on either Mac or iCloud. Just make sure you don't sync from either to the iPad. To see your pictures, just go to iCloud on the iPad and view them normally. When you want to edit a photo on your iPad you can download the picture, and work on it.

What I'm not sure about is whether your changes are saved back to iCloud automatically, or whether you have to do this separately. Probably automatic with 'hand off'?.

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