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KAAMBIC wrote:

I don't care much about who owns what, i care more about the design of the cameras moving forward. A video game company Called Bethesda, very popular, was just sold (The parent company Zenimax was bought entirely) to Microsoft for 7.5 billion. Microsoft is absorbing their entire 2300 employees so Bethesda can keep designing games, just with a different "owner" paying the bills.

From what i have read and heard, especially since JIP isn't a camera company as many here point out, it looks like the same will happen with Olympus. That's good if it's true, Olympus can focus on design rather than budgets.

I am not trying to offend you or be mean but I don’t understand how you can read the information we have so far and come to the conclusion that Olympus will continue research and development of consumer-focus MFT cameras and lenses.

And I don’t see how you can compare the successful video game industry with a $7.5B deal to Olympus’s fire sale...

maybe I am missing something here but I have the pessimist view...

My understanding is that Olympus is shifting their entire focus to medical devices. The medical divisions have been profitable. Consumer Imgaging Division has not been profitable in a long time.

Has it been said somewhere that Olympus will continue R&D for consumer cameras? My understanding is they will obviously do the R&D for the divisions that remain under Olympus.
I really fear that Olympus and OM-D and PEN brand names are going to be attached to cheap terrible products like we see with Polaroid, GE and others. Or best case, JIP continues to manufacture and sell the existing line in some markets.

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