Does Godox X1N TTL Flash Trigger Set work with Sony flashes

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Re: Does Godox X1N TTL Flash Trigger Set work with Sony flashes

Bird Photo wrote:

kli wrote:

So on further searching, I am looking for a commander and receiver so that whatever commander is on my sony it'll communicate to the sony flashes. I know that even the receiver is wireless but unfortunately I have problems with line of sight and I feel that doing a commander/receiver combo will help eliminate that.

Commander/receiver pairings can be either optical or radio. But since your speedlights are not radio-equipped (only the "RM" units are), you have to add a radio receiver onto the foot of each flash, and use a radio transmitter on the camera hotshoe as your commander unit, if you want to do radio.

You can do this with a Godox 2.4 GHz transmitter (X2T-S ($60), Xpro-S, or Flashpoint R2 Pro II-S, $70).

I could just purchase another used HVL 20 but that'll be $90 and i figured I could get a commander/receiver for roughly that price (cheap one at least).

The Godox combo of an X1T-S ($40) and an XPro-S ($70) is about $110.

Cactus V6II transceivers are $90 apiece, so $180.

If you find cheaper radio triggers, like, say, the Yongnuo RF-603 II transceivers, they will be manual only (no TTL, or HSS), no power control, no group control, no camera menu communication (the RF-605s will give you group on/off control, but that's it). They also may not work well in the Sony multi-interface hotshoe.

Yes, a TT685-S and Xpro-S would be $180 as a combo. But consider that the OEM equivalent of a Sony HVL-F60RM ($500) + FA-WRC1M ($350) is going to be $850. As built-in radio flash gear goes, this is the low-cost stuff.

True. You do not need visual line-of-sight with radio; radio waves can go through solid objects.

This is where I'd prefer to not get another line of sight trigger.

Then radio is your best choice. But I would recommend considering selling a Sony speedlight and getting a Godox TT685-S ($110) or TT600S ($65) instead, so you don't have to mess about with an add-on receiver. The TT600S is single-pin manual only on-camera, but the built-in radio transceiver allows for M power control, group control, and and HSS.

And a built-in radio receiver is simply more convenient. You won't forget it if you bring the flash. You don't need additional batteries for it, and it simplifies/speeds up setup and is more robust than sandwiching a receiver between a lightstand and your light.

A fellow photographer has YongNuo gear but from my understanding that is canon/nikon only and would not work with my sony speedlights??

The RT gear is Canon-only. The 622 gear is only Canon and Nikon (although Yongnuo has said they're working on Sony support with the YN-560-TX Pro about a year ago, they haven't yet delivered on that promise, and nobody knows when, if ever, it will arrive. They still haven't released working firmware that allows integration between the older 622/560 gear). The 560/60x gear is single-pin manual only, but can work on Sony to fire a flash remotely.

But if you're already used to a TTL/HSS capable system, such as the Sony "smart" optical wireless system, you may want those same features over radio, particularly remote power/group control and HSS.

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