Does Godox X1N TTL Flash Trigger Set work with Sony flashes

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Re: Does Godox X1N TTL Flash Trigger Set work with Sony flashes

kli wrote:

Bird Photo wrote:

As the title states:

Does Godox X1N TTL Wireless Flash Trigger Set work with sony flashes

Well, it'll fire any godox-receiver-equipped flashes, but it'd be better to get an X2T-S, XPro-S, or Flashpoint R2 Pro II-S transmitter, so you get remote power/group, TTL, Zoom, and HSS control, too.

The N means "Nikon". If you saw someone posting about using an X1T-N on a Sony camera, check the date. It could be from before Godox came out with Sony-compatible gear.

So I was attempting to copy and paste and didn't realize I had selected the Nikon version instead.

... I have a HVL 60 and 43 and want to insure if I got this that it would communicate between both flashes and camera.

No. An X1T-S will not communicate directly with an HVL60 or HVL43. The Godox gear uses radio signalling, not Sony's built-in "WL" smart optical wireless system to communicate with off-camera flashes. It's a completely different and incompatible system.

To use legacy Sony speedlights with a Godox transmitter, you have to add X1R-S receivers to the feet of the sony speedlights. I'm not that familiar with Sony speedlights, but they need to use the newer multi-interface hotshoe. If they're the old iISO foot, they'll need MI adapters to use the receivers.

And it may just make more sense to get Godox TT685-S speedlights with built-in Godox radio transceivers for off-camera use, instead.

So on further searching, I am looking for a commander and receiver so that whatever commander is on my sony it'll communicate to the sony flashes. I know that even the receiver is wireless but unfortunately I have problems with line of sight and I feel that doing a commander/receiver combo will help eliminate that.

I could just purchase another used HVL 20 but that'll be $90 and i figured I could get a commander/receiver for roughly that price (cheap one at least).

True. You do not need visual line-of-sight with radio; radio waves can go through solid objects.

This is where I'd prefer to not get another line of sight trigger.

A fellow photographer has YongNuo gear but from my understanding that is canon/nikon only and would not work with my sony speedlights??

Thank you for responding!!

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