I saw the future! :)

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I saw the future! :)

Almost everyone here is wondering if the M line will stay in the long run. I thought about it pretty hard and *boom* I saw the future o_o

Here's what I saw (in my cristal Ball) :

- Canon will release a R7(?) body to replace the good ol' 7D II. Yep! an APSC RF body.
Mag Alloy body, weather sealing, big high res. EVF, dual slot, IBIS, 1/8000 mechanical shutter. All that "real prosumer" spec that actually don't fit with the M line. Let alone the lenses to go with such a beast => RF mount is the way to go.

- The M line will pursue what it's good at : compact, light, affordable yet good IQ range of gear.
This means you'll never see above specs on the M line except, maybe, IBIS.

in my cristal ball, it's the only sensible way forward.
- A 7D-like R7 make totally sense : more reach for those already equipped with the RF/EF lenses. A good "backup body" for the R5/R6 and the likes.
- No way this can happen with a M mount. (price range, lenses, incompatible with RF)
- Still the M is really good for entry to mid range market. Think 4000D to 90D. No way canon will kill it.
- I don't see RF bodies and lenses going this far down-market. Hard economically and difficult to sell from a marketing POV.

So each range has his target and the ice on the cake is : since the mounts are incompatible, if there a bit of overlapping in the 1000/1500€ range, that's not an issue anymore!

No more rebel/EF-S odd position where you have to pay and lift FF lenses on a 500€ body.

You read it here first

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