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Barlowephoto wrote:

Tomm111 wrote:

I like TMax developer, even though it is said it wasn't designed for TMax films it still gives the best results with TMax 100 and 400. It has a compensating quality to it and brings up shadow detail, and hold back highlights to a point. I do understand the critism of TMax films, that they look digital, but I spent a lot of time and effort to lower grain (Microdol-X anyone) so I embraced TMax films. I felt D76 (mostly 1:1), HC110 lost the shadow detail in TMax films.

In printing the drive for overall tonality made a lot of flat prints, I am guilty too. But boosting contrast for contrast sake doesn't work either, there is a fine point between too contrasty and too flat for prints. That what a good photo darkroom printer does.

Tomm111, you hit this one, out of the ball park for me. Your appreciation for the tones and shadow detail I'm seeking, and your suggestion for TMax developer! I'm using TMax developer. Maybe my dilution or push/pull variations aren't correct.

I grew up with D-76 in the 1960's and loved it, but now Tmax is the developer of the moment!

I just bought a half brick of TMax 100, ( hoping to get better tonal values )

Yes developing time is what works for you. B&W developing time is not craved in stone. If you need to lessen the time to decrease contrast or increase the time to increase contrast, it takes a little experimentation.

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