Easy-to-disassemble lens

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Good call!

Color me impressed. I can point the lens at a window, put a piece of white paper behind it, and I get an image of the great outdoors. No box. No nothing. This is awesome with kids.


An 8x10 would have been even better, but probably not worth the 4x-10x price difference.

I turn a knob to set shutter speed. I slide a slider to set aperture. There's a thing which seems to wind up a spring (needed for the whole thing to work), and a lever which opens (and on bulb mode, then closes) the shutter. Then there are a pair of things at the bottom, which look a bit like electrical connectors or knobs or something. I'm not sure what those do.

And I need to figure out assembly, disassembly, and if there are any calibration issues. I can't turn it by hand to unscrew.

Do you know if there's somewhere I can read about these? I don't want to apply force unless I know I'm not breaking something.

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