Macro Photos Without Focus Stacking.

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Re: Looking at it from the numberer of pixels, I don't see a difference

BGD300V1 wrote:

ZilverHaylide wrote:

BGD300V1 wrote:

If I fill the frame with a watch with a coin with a 24mm diameter which has a 2.4mm currency symbol we have a fixed image.

It doesn't matter if it was taken from 4 inches with a 60mm Macro lens, 7 inches with a 105 Macro lens or 5 feet with a 400mm telephoto.

The pixels used on the sensor are the same.

Your suggestion of getting the same number of pixels via a stronger telephoto doesn't address the OP's issue and technique. He (or she) is trying to avoid stacking by increasing depth of field, partially by using smaller apertures and partially by backing away, shooting at a lower reproduction ratio -- so NOT filling the frame, and fewer pixels are unavoidable. I don't have a table of depth of field formulas in front of me, but I don't see any way around that. (And IIRC, you can't get around that by your suggestion of switching to a stronger telephoto, what matters is reproduction ratio. (A stronger telephoto proportionally magnifies the out-of-focus circles of confusion, so you're back to where you started, you don't gain depth of field)).

For the purposes of the OP, quantifying magnification is pointless. DOF it the primary consideration in a product shot.

It is, but that's my point. You get some DoF gain by stopping down, but you often can't get the desired increased depth of field without backing away and getting the lower on-sensor number of pixels that is the result. After backing away, you CANNOT then try to compensate for the extra distance by bumping up to a more-telephoto lens, and returning to a filled frame -- without undoing your DoF gain.

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