I'm sad - no R5

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Re: I'm sad - no R5

maxwebster wrote:

I just cancelled my B&H order this morning, because I'm in Canada, so the money was paid but the backorder continued with no end in sight...

During my wait, I found a great deal on a still-in-the-box 1D X Mark II and have 5 months of warranty remaining - which means on top of the repurchase (not really used) discount, no taxes etc. So basically a really good deal.

This has been fun and exciting watching this forum in anticipation of my new 45MP body with the super-cool EVF and Autofocus, etc, etc,

I have a nice Canon 500m F4 mk1 and also lucky enough to have sharp copies of the Canon 100-400 mk1 and the 400 f5.6 and I don't plan to upgrade my long lenses anytime soon so maybe it's good I stick with the 1DX for the time being (trying to make myself feel better).

Also it might be best for me to stay away from this forum for a while - I need to detach with love.

Good luck all - it's been a fun ride.

Enjoy the 1DX, that's an awesome camera and in many ways, better than the R5!

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