Best used SLR for ‘newbie’ D7000, 7100, 7200, 7500 or other?

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Re: Best used SLR for ‘newbie’ D7000, 7100, 7200, 7500 or other?

DTA wrote:

Hi All,

Looking to get back into photography after a few years out. I did used to have a D7000 bought at release along with the packaged 18-135, a 10-20, 35mm and 70-300VR II. Unfortunately I reached a point a few years ago where I had to sell everything so have no gear at the moment.

I liked the feel of the Nikon and at the time it felt better in the hand than the Canon which is why I’ve asked about the Nikons but I am open to a switch

Of the two I prefer Nikon over Canon but my favourite is Pentax - similar controls to Nikon, slightly smaller and lighter for comparable models and typically a bit cheaper.

K-3 (the latest APS-C body I own) is about £350 on eBay  although the cheapest there is only £180. Of the Nikon bodies it is probably closest to the D7200.

I put newbie because I never really advanced my skills, just more money than sense and just bought the gear to mess around with. I had fun riding round on my motorcycle and taking pics but a bit older, wiser and poorer like to advance a bit more but with the main aim still the enjoyment

The D7000 almost seems perfect as its cheap, I’ve used it before and I can put more money into lenses. I am concerned though about the oil on the sensor issue. This appears when shooting at 4-6fps, I had to have mine cleaned twice by Nikon (discussed in my old threads). I may in the future be shooting my nephews playing rugby. That’s what’s held me back buying one. Do the later models suffer from this issue? Is it easy to clean without too much risk damaging the sensor?

Current used prices for the body only are below (£1 ~ $1.30)

D7000 - £200

D7100 - £300

D7200 - £500

D7500 - £600

Is it worth investing the extra in a later model? Is the D7100 worth 50% more than the D7000? If I’m going to go 7200, is it worth the extra £100 for the 7500 for the extra FPS and ISO?

What I’ll be shooting

Given the lockdown most of my shooting over the next 3-6 months will be in and around London. City pics, architecture, night time shots (it’ll be dark by the time I finish work in a couple of weeks).

If I manage a few shots to upload to stock image sites that would be a bonus.

Family shots over Christmas.

Future – let’s see when we’re allowed to get out of the country!

Ill be shooting in RAW so I can play with the images in post.

I’ll probably pick up a 35mm 1.8 to start me off. (always open to recommendations!)

That is (for me, at least) a very useful focal length on APS-C but I only use it for about 40% of my shooting. I'd get another lens too, but what you go for depends a lot on how you like to do things. For me the second lens would be ultrawide (that's another 40% of what I do). You could look through your old photos to see if you have a preferred focal length range there.

Budget – tough, I could go for the higher end of the above – but should I?

I wouldn't necessarily go right to the top, but if you expect to develop your interest it's worth buying a bit above your current ideas to all for that.

Thanks for reading

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