50/1 - first testshots

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50/1 - first testshots

OK guys, today I received my new XF 50/1. I´m now in the phase of shooting various testhots to learn something about the lens and get the feel of it, I will not bore you with them until I shoot something more seriously, maybe at the weekend.

But given all those screams about the lens not being sharp enough (which I already know that aren´t true), I thought it could be useful to see how this lens performs at longer distances shooting something more demanding than just a portrait, something with texture, contrast etc. However, this showed up to be a demanding task. The depth of field is very, very small. Sometimes it already looks like softness and then I find out that behind the alleged softness there is something sharp...

So please, do not consider this scientific, neither demand anything more scientific or controlled from me! This was about the best scene I could think of at the moment. I focused somewhere around the center, specifically around the birch a bit on the left from the center. But - I tilted the camera a bit upwards, so please if you are pixelpeepers - look for something sharp in any part, depth of field is really, really, really challenging and superthin at 100% magnification. DOF calculators say something about 7 m of depth of field, but they are very optimistic and are valid rather for small prints and view sizes, they don´t count with someone pixelpeeping at 100% on a large fullHD screen. I´d say when pixelpeeping, the DOF could be something around 1 m, definitely not much more.

And here are the ugly testshots. I only opened the raws in C1 and exported, I haven´t change any sharpening. (btw. I didn´t bother uploading anything more stopped down than f/4, because there is no point as it don´t get any sharper as you can see)






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