Not too fond review of R6?

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Re: Not too fond review of R6?

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I am watching Potato Jet and liking his reviews. This time, he reviews R6 (though from the video point of view) and I am kind of negatively surprised about the following issues:

- The color balance compared to EOS R is imo shifted too much towards the warmer colors

- What is the autofocus doing at 7:52?

- Camera freezing and lost footage? 6:03

As a photographer, I do care most about the AF issue. Anyone else noticing so much of a camera hunting? Even if his face was framed in a greed box (according to his words), the focus was off.


Videographers should buy video cameras. The infestation of camera reviews and discussions by amateur movie makers is making all sensible talk impossible.

I agree! Unfortunately they need content to share and review of the hottest gear gets clicks. Negative reviews get even more attention.

That's why I never watch them.

All so called "influencers" are biased in some way or another.

If I need to make an opinion about some new gear I first read Ken Rockwell and then rent it and try out for myself.

Ken is "a bit" on emotional side but definitely not bought by any brand.

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