Sensor size shrink = more noise (con't)

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Sensor size shrink = more noise (con't)

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gary0319 wrote:

Just curious, where is the evidence of there being any noise “equivalency” to be based on sensor size. First I’ve heard of this, but maybe I just missed this somewhere along the line

The evidence is in the results. I'm long time user of 4/3", 1/1.6", 1/2.3" and more lately last couple of years with 1" sized sensor and my upper auto ISO limits for "normal" everyday shots varies in relation to the sensor size.

Try the same ISO 1600 shots on all 4 sensor sizes and see the noise get horribly worse as the sensor gets smaller. The 1/2.3" sensors are really in trouble when you get to 400 and truly bad at 800.

I'm not about to dig out examples but I've made a note to myself to go take the exact same shots on all sensor sizes at same selection of ISO and show what happens, but that won't be today or this week, maybe never knowing me.

No need to do that Guy, DPR has done it all for us over and over again.

I've picked these four samples out. FF, APS-C, M4/3 & 1". All set on 1600 ISO.

Gary, look how the noise gets progressively worse as the sensor size gets smaller. (Click on the image to view it at full size.)

View: original size

Actually, I did go back to the example used above and adjusted the ISO settings to 800 for the 1”, 1600 for the M4/3, 3200 for the APS-C and 6400 for the FF. My results show that all but the FF were close to equivalent in noise. The FF at ISO 6400 had noticeably more noise than the others. Maybe I did it wrong?

There is, from camera to camera, a slight variation, due to the design of the sensor, so how much off were you?!

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