Do you need a dedicated graphics card for photo /video editing?

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Cheap Geforce card for photo /video editing?

VisionLight wrote:

STexan wrote:

My understanding is the CPU is what will do most of the processing if you're dealing with 4k video, h.265 or h.264, either one is more taxing on the CPU than the GPU.

If you use Adobe Premiere CC, keep in mind that Adobe works with NVidia to optimize its software for a GPU's Parallel Computing Platform (all GPUs are parallel, faster for what they are intended to do vs a CPU's primarily serial platform.) Tests conducted jointly by Adobe and NVidia on 4K rendering show that a dedicated GPU can perform up to 56x faster that a standalone CPU, even a high end one.

In other words where video editing is concerned, you'll probably get more ROI on CPU than with GPU. But whatever you do, if you're wanting it work with native h.265 vids (Like from Samsung NX1 and others), and you're looking at investing in a new machine, look for dedicated hardware on the board that can transcode native h.265 files. Older CPU's can do this job, but it requires 100% of their attention and you will wait.

The new 2016 7th generation Intel chips are their first to have native h.265 support built right into the hardware without needing a software bridge. H.265 finally comes of age.

When dealing with native 4k h.265 video files, these will bring most "not-so-new" machines to their knees, regardless of the GPU they're working with.

Hello guys, can you advise me on a cheap graphics card? Is the Geforce 1660 enough? What will be better, the 1660 or the Radeon RX590? For both Premiere and After Effects? I mean, the Geforce is NVidea, right? (there are so many brand fusions, that I'm lost here)

And also, there is the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660 SUPER™, GTX 1660 gaming X, the GTX 1660 gaming X, the Super Ventus, etc..HELP!! Can you help me choose one? T there are so many variants

What is the difference between the GTX 1660 SUPER GAMING X and the GTX 1660 SUPER GAMING OC??!? Or the GTX 1660 SUPER OC without the gaming? What should I buy?


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