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Lynxo wrote:

Thanks for clarifying. I was really hesitant but ended up buying the SDQ kit. I forget that I bought a camera body that was released 4 years ago.

This alliance with Panasonic and Leica, I don’t quite understand either. Panasonic lens are four thirds type lens, that does not matter? Leica mount, are these are new ‘Leica’ glass lens with autofocus and electronic data coupled?

I understand the crazy long flange part, I thought the SDQ and SDQH are mirrorless, so why add the flange? Not that it matters.

Panasonic also makes L-Mount cameras and lenses. It is interesting that they formed an alliance for MFT (with Olympus) and another for L-Mount.

I think the idea is that the lenses all be interchangeable. Sigma lens, Leica body, no problem. It depends on what all is in the standard. For example, I expect autofucus in the standard because autofocus is standard, but possibly optical stabilization is not. (Interestingly all 3 members of the alliance use some form of contrast detection for focusing.)

Sigma already makes lenses for other camera bodies that have working auto focus and communicate electronically. It is just that with the L-Mount alliance, the manufacturers agree to share the details of the mount and make interchangeable lens and cameras.

The SDQ and SDQH are mirrorless, but the SA mount lenses were all designed for DSLR cameras. So one way to make sure their first mirrorless camera would not alienate Sigma fans, was to make sure it had the same mount as the current crop of lenses. They could have made a new mount and offered an adapter, but they didn't.

We spend a lot of money on gear and disruptions like changing the mount are annoying.

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