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Re: Interesting quote from PentaxOfficial

Roland Karlsson wrote:

bob5050 wrote:

Shinichi Hanawa writes :

"For those who like photography, photography may want to be art. However, I think that the original purpose of photography was to preserve the scene in front of me that I didn't want to forget. This means that recording and memory may be closer to the original purpose than art.

"However, even if you just keep taking pictures as a record without any intention, it is not really that interesting and you may get bored at a relatively early stage. Therefore, it may be a good idea to pay attention to the scenery in front of you, how you can dramatically record the feelings you felt at the moment of taking a picture, and take a cut according to your own sensibility. Hmm.

"Your sensibility is more like you than you think. I think photography is a fun tool for expressing sensibilities."

Thats nice! This way of thinking makes it possible even for a causal photographer to improve.

I just hope that everyone who's complained about the k-new delay actually buys one. One wonders, otherwise, about the sincerity of their complaints.

I do not agree!

There are many different reasons for wanting a k-new soon. Here are just some

  • You did want to buy K-new, but you could not, for some reason. Maybe it turned out too expensive, or something other that hinders you from buying.
  • You did want to buy, but some property that you wanted turned out to be not there.
  • You are simply interested in the advancement of Pentax.
  • You are waiting for FF new, and want Pentax too have some momentum, and also see if they have improved AF.
  • You are just curious about everything Pentax ... or maybe even photography.

Personally I am waiting for FF. But, if K-new has stellar AF, then it might replace my K-3.

My guess they are dragging it out because of some sort of problems -- design, senor access, parts, screwed up software.   Thus, who could say whether buying this cmra makes sense -- for in reality, it may not exist


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