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BGD300V1 wrote:

MILC man wrote:

BGD300V1 wrote:

why are you doing that?

Because I am interested in how photographers interact with each other and learn.

what does learning photography have to do with the most common brands in the dpr contest galleries?

The gear is secondary as far as I'm concerned.

your posts say otherwise, in particular how you tried to trivialize and denigrate sony winning the a.p. contract.

That's why I was looking at the galleries and competitions. I seldom read the reviews and use the camera comparison only to see how new entries compare to their predecessor.

yes, some people think that gear and technology doesn't matter, nobody needs the latest and greatest.

As to products and marketing, Both Sony and Canon had robust video camera markets and Nikon had none.

nikon released the QV-1000C back in 2008, it extracted stills from an analog video stream.

the company unfortunately failed to capitalize on it's own innovation.

Actually the QV-1000c was a black and white video/stills camera that cost 20,000 dollars. About 30 of them were made. https://www.nikonweb.com/qv1000c/ The video component was primarily to feed the EVF.

no, the stills were extracted from the video stream, as i just told you, read your own link: "The still frames of analog composite video are stored on an obsolete two inch magnetic video floppy disk."

That's hardly a consumer video product.

all prototypes are absurdly expensive.

the point was that nikon failed to capitalize on their own innovation.

Sonon suddenly leapt into the DSLR video market AFTER Nikon produced the first DSLR with video capability in the D90.

sony quit selling dslrs over 10 years ago, so that doesn't make sense.

Right. The alpha 580 is listed as discontinued in March of 2012.

sony released e-mount and slt cameras in 2010, both recorded video along with stills, they were done with dslrs at that point.

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