Low ceiling Top down challenge

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Re: Thank you

elliotn wrote:

Currantos wrote:

I tried shooting at the ceiling and hoping for bounce but end up with world's flattest most boring lighting that just can't be used for anything serious and contrast is just too low. It would have to be a white ceiling with black walls/floors and right now I don't have access to a black studio like that. Working in a small all white space.

You need to use tight grids on your lights to create a small spot on the ceiling. And then black polyboards around your model to reduce fill.

tried that. Extremely cumbersome, hard to control, lots and lots of power lost. Plus the light flying to the ceiling still spills around and creates unneeded fill. It's an extreme solution, maybe someone more technically wizardly with the light can figure it out. I tried and failed. No good, LOL

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