Does Godox X1N TTL Flash Trigger Set work with Sony flashes

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Re: Does Godox X1N TTL Flash Trigger Set work with Sony flashes

Bird Photo wrote:

As the title states:

Does Godox X1N TTL Wireless Flash Trigger Set work with sony flashes

Well, it'll fire any godox-receiver-equipped flashes, but it'd be better to get an X2T-S, XPro-S, or Flashpoint R2 Pro II-S transmitter, so you get remote power/group, TTL, Zoom, and HSS control, too.

The N means "Nikon". If you saw someone posting about using an X1T-N on a Sony camera, check the date. It could be from before Godox came out with Sony-compatible gear.

... I have a HVL 60 and 43 and want to insure if I got this that it would communicate between both flashes and camera.

No. An X1T-S will not communicate directly with an HVL60 or HVL43. The Godox gear uses radio signalling, not Sony's built-in "WL" smart optical wireless system to communicate with off-camera flashes. It's a completely different and incompatible system.

To use legacy Sony speedlights with a Godox transmitter, you have to add X1R-S receivers to the feet of the sony speedlights. I'm not that familiar with Sony speedlights, but they need to use the newer multi-interface hotshoe. If they're the old iISO foot, they'll need MI adapters to use the receivers.

And it may just make more sense to get Godox TT685-S speedlights with built-in Godox radio transceivers for off-camera use, instead.

From my understanding, radio trigger is better than line of sight

Errr... Radio triggers don't require line of sight, is why they're better than optical triggering.

because it gives you a more accurate connection

Not necessarily. Radio can have radio interference issues. Particularly since 2.4 GHz is used by everything these days. But range and reliability are typically better than with optical system, particularly outdoors in bright sunlight.

/could use it in cause of a large event where I need to set my flash behind subjects or off to the sides of view.

True. You do not need visual line-of-sight with radio; radio waves can go through solid objects.

Additionally all my lenses (except one) are manual everything (focus/aperture) so the camera doesn't register the length of course. Will this cause the trigger not to work or do I just need to manually set it?

You won't have auto zoom, but that's about it. You can manually set the zoom if you want.

With TTL will it still do it's thing or is part of that "thing" having the length of the lens?

Not having TTL distance reporting may have an effect on TTL accuracy/consistency. But TTL has bigger problems with Sony and Godox gear. Godox's gear tends to underexpose when used with Sony and apertures wider than f/4.

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