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BGD300V1 wrote:

New Day Rising wrote:

BGD300V1 wrote:

Once again, I am not comparing the technical specifications of any brand merely pointing out that Nikon photographers have posted more in galleries and competitions on DPReview.

But, the data are so volatile and insignificant as to not mean anything.

When you started this thread a couple of days ago, one of the main points of your post was that 100% of the cameras in the challenges list were Nikon. Already that is down to 60%.

Does it really make sense that more photographers on this site are competing with Nikon D40s than almost any other camera? How do you explain the apparent success and popularity of the Nikon 1 V1 compared to anything Canon has ever made?

The observations in your first post were interesting for sure, but be wary of making too much of them.

I'm not making much of them there seems to be some fear that anything that makes Nikon look like anything less than a loser must be stamped down based on an ever evolving technology and sales figures.

I don't impart any particular significance to this. But, over the last week or so the statements in the first post were true. I'm sure when some folks were running Sony only or Fuji only challenges that the percentages were much higher.

First of all the list only includes the top 10 and the percentage total for those ten is 27.9 so there are a lot of other cameras on the full compilation.

What is interesting (not particularly significant) now is the duration of this thread and the tone of the conversation.

True, the tone is pretty nasty. I'm not meaning to contribute to that - my apologies if it is coming through that way. I do research, so am inclined to look a bit critically at data. That instinct has been sharpened in recent times. There are a lot of graphs floating around during this pandemic and some people do like to toss out a colourful graph to support their argument without any of the perspective to know what it really means!

I am just wanting to create a little pause for those inclined to use the information to fuel brand-based arguments. There's some rather interesting perspectives coming out in the thread, but hey, that's DPR!

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