Does Godox X1N TTL Flash Trigger Set work with Sony flashes

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Re: Does Godox X1N TTL Flash Trigger Set work with Sony flashes

Bird Photo wrote:

From my understanding this answer is YES but I was struggling to confirm that completely.

Where did you pick up that info?

The X1N system is for Nikon gear.

My HVL20 just died on me and I'd like to now switch to a radio trigger system. That way I can use both flashes off camera with confidence. I have a HVL 60 and 43 and want to insure if I got this that it would communicate between both flashes and camera.

Look at the Godox triggers and receivers for Sony, like these:

From my understanding, radio trigger is better than line of sight because it gives you a more accurate connection/could use it in cause of a large event where I need to set my flash behind subjects or off to the sides of view.

Additionally all my lenses (except one) are manual everything (focus/aperture) so the camera doesn't register the length of course. Will this cause the trigger not to work or do I just need to manually set it? With TTL will it still do it's thing or is part of that "thing" having the length of the lens?

That shouldn't be a problem.

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