Why is the blue river water green

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Why is the blue river water green

If you look at the center of this sooc jpeg, you can see a small portion of the Westfield River flowing through the state forest I was in today and most of the water is green. In fact to me, ugly green, and the problem is that when I was looking at the scene, composing, and then taking the shot, all that water was a lovely blue color.

I was shooting DNG+Fine Jpeg and the ugly green shows up in the DNG as well. Plus I have looked at both files in Apple Photos, OnOne Photo Raw, and Affinity Photo and they all show the same ugly green water. I also looked at the photo on my iPhone and iPad to make sure it was not my computer and there is no difference. Unfortunately, I erased all the files on the SD card after I downloaded them and since I almost never chimp or look at my images until I download them, a result of shooting film for 55 plus years, so I'm guessing the water would have been green on the LCD as well. Details and settings are after the photo.

Leica M9 / Summarit-M 50mm f2.5

  • Auto ISO 1/125 2500
  • Auto White Balance
  • Aperture Priority 
  • ISO 640  f8  1/125s  0ev
  • Color Saturation and Contrast set to Standard
  • Sharpening Off
  • Exposure Bracketing Off
  • Color Management sRGB
  • DNG+JPEG Fine
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