Need advice: panasonic TZ200 or Sony RX100VII

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Re: Need advice: panasonic TZ200 or Sony RX100VII

I fully agree with saudidave. I had a Sony RX100 mk6 and the IQ was truly horrible from WA to telephoto. I sent it back and bought a TZ200 and the difference was night and day. My copy of the TZ200 was very sharp from WA to full telephoto. The dpreview report was completely wrong in this regard. Perhaps I just got a very bad copy of the RX100 mk6 (it was used when I received it from Amazon) and an excellent copy of the TZ200, but my experience with one copy of both is that the IQ of the Panasonic is better. I also agree with saudidave regarding his other coments about the two cameras, although I thought that the construction of the two cameras was pretty equal.

Regards, Dave

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