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MILC man wrote:

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MILC man wrote:

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I don't believe that for a minute. I've sold digital images taken with everything from a Coolpix 5700 to my Z7 and a number of DSLRs in between.

you must believe it, because you are making biased brand comparisons that are based on how many pics are posted in one small section of one website only.

what is the point of that? what do you think it proves? how will that help anyone choose a brand of camera to buy?

No, I made that observation on the general sharing forums which would most likely have images from all sorts of cameras and manufacturers.

you still can't explain why it matters, despite several people specifically asking you what your point is.

I haven't made a single comparison between brands. I have not said that any is better than the other. I haven't mentioned any specific aspect of technoloty.

no, you tried to denigrate and trivialize the associated press choice for sony over canikon, with a failed comparison to canon sponsoring the nfl:

"That's marketing and cutting price to get the order so that claims like that can be made."

and: "...You probably throw in a lot of the older models that Sony is still trying to unload. It's still a fact that NIKON had all ten competition slots and half of the gallery slots on this site."

for some odd reason, you are convinced that nikon is better than any other brand because a couple of dozen bad pics show up on dpr.

Once again, I am not comparing the technical specifications of any brand merely pointing out that Nikon photographers have posted more in galleries and competitions on DPReview.

There is really no need to be so vehemently  defensive.  I am not knocking, or even, discussing the differences between brands.

As to products and marketing, Both Sony and Canon had robust video camera markets and Nikon had none.  Sonon suddenly leapt into the DSLR video market AFTER Nikon produced the first DSLR with video capability  in the D90.

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