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cpharm86 wrote:

Croomrider wrote:

Try Greentoe or canon price watch. You might do better than $100 off.

Thank you. I cannot even guess how much the price might drop in the next couple of months during the holidays.

i have to say i don't envy your predicament -- i stopped all of my emotions and immediate desires for R5 and new RF lenses at this time until possibly next May-June. i am not gonna even think about it. i am sure availability of lenses and R5's issues will be mitigated by canon around that time. it is all a matter of supply/demand, once supply eases up, i am sure canon will tinker with prices. good luck.

Well, maybe I’m older than you. Although with life every day is valuable especially during these times. Actually to save a few hundred dollars is negligible compared to what I have spent already on photography equipment.

I just posted what I did because they had a measly $100 off for a backordered item that still is not available then discontinued the discount.

I still have my Hasselblad 503Cx and you know how much depreciation that is now.

I have never jumped on a new product this quickly. I bought the R5 on day one since I was on the list for several months before it was released. Usually like you I wait at least a year before I make the move. It took me several years to move from film to digital and finally bought the Canon 10D about 15 months after it was release, my first digital camera.

I’m getting older and life moves on. I worked for 50 years before I retired to earn what I want now. 

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