Anybody using multiple M bodies to avoid lens changes?

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Re: Anybody using multiple M bodies to avoid lens changes?

JRET wrote:

lumenite wrote:

JRET wrote:

Yes ...

Lightweight Kit (everything M-mount)
• M50 / 18-150
• M2 / 11-22
sometimes I throw in a couple of extra lenses - 22mm, 55-200

Heavier Kit (traveling in car, plenty of space, yada yada)
• 6D / 16-35 f/4
• M50 /18-150
• extra lenses - EF 24-105 f/4, EF 70-200 f/4, EF 100 f/2.8L macro, EF 35 f/2IS, M22, EF to M adapter

I see for a heavy setting you choose 16-35 over 11-22 rather than 24-105 over 18-150. I mean you can choose M50/11-22 and 6D/24-105.

Would you tell me what leads you to make this selection?

- The IQ difference between 11-22 and 16-35L is big?
- The IQ difference between 18-150 and 24-105L is negligible?
- The range of 18-150 is much better than that of 24-105L?

For starters - the "heavy" selection is quite flexible, i.e. I've carried the M50/11-22 & 6D/24-105 on numerous occasions.

  • 16-35L vs 11-22 ... both are very capable lenses but comparing images between the two I find the 16-35 images to be more appealing to my taste. It's almost as if those images have a certain "pop" and possibly better color. Very subjective, of course, and I'm not disappointed with images from the 11-22.
  • 24-105 vs 18-150 ... again, I've been happy enough with images from either lens (actually surprised with the capabilities of the 18-150, esp. in good light) so I'm OK with either lens.
  • range - the 6D/16-35 & M50/18-150 provides a good range and slightly more reach without having to change lenses so that seems to work out OK in a lot of situations
  • another range setup - 6D/24-105 & M50/70-200 adapted when I really need the longer reach.
  • the "heavy" kit does allow a lot of flexibility in body/lens combos albeit at the cost of additional size/weight of gear being carried

No easy answers ... still experimenting, still learning.

Thank you.

One quick question. As you can see "pop" effect on 16-35 in comparison to on 11-22, how about 24-105 over 18-150? Do you see the similar outcome or the negligible difference between them? I mean... do you think the difference between 16-35L and 11-22 is bigger than the difference between 24-105L and 18-150 only in terms of image quality?

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