Homebrew test of XF 35 1.4 over XF 35 2.0 over XF 23 1.4 Locked

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Homebrew test of XF 35 1.4 over XF 35 2.0 over XF 23 1.4

Hi folks.

Recently I decided to purchase some lenses for Fuji X system and went 1st with 35 1.4. It's very much praised in the reviews and overall a nice lens -- great build, fast aperture and, for my personal taste also rather fast focusing. So, I bought it, used it for 3-4 days and returned. Why? Lens is decently sharp in the image centre but fails badly in the corners at 1.4 and 2... so until 2.8, basically. First I thought this is not so important for me, but than made some real life portraits of my family and realised that my subjects face is constantly goes away of sweet sharpens point of this lens, if I am not exclusively placing subject exactly in the frame centre.

So, taking this in mind, I returned 35 1.4, even if I liked all the rest of it I was disappointed with it's optical performance on 1.4 and 2.0. Maybe I got a bad copy? Can be. I also checked other resources, like lenstip, and got impression that this is typical for this lens to have only small area of good sharpens on fast apertures. So I think my copy was maybe not the best, but rather average. Overall, it's not justify for me to have pictures which are smartphone level quality in 1.4 and 2.0 in real life scenarios.

Next step -- I went for 35 2.0. This one has a different character -- it has very uniform sharpens, but, in the centre of frame, I would not say that it's better than 1.4 version. The same. At least mine copy and on mine target, which is pretty small so I have to be quit close to it. I made some tests which I will show here later, but important is -- this lens is much much more uniform optically. Also, focused on infinity, it is very very very sharp even at 2.0.

And, to make some fun, I put in the same test mine XF 23 1.4 -- to see how it compares. It is more or less the same as others in the centre @1.4 (probably here is the limit of mine target + sensor), maybe just a little bit sharper. What is still impressing about it is how sharp and uniform it is through whole frame -- very very impressing.

So, in total? I wanted to like 35 1.4 for having better out of focus rendering and more blur, also little bit better look (yes, it looks cool), but seems I can not justify it's limitations on 1.4. So I will go with XF 35 2.0 or... maybe even skip 35 as far as I already have such a great 23 1.4 lens.

Here are results of testing: u can see full test target and all examples on 100%. In the bottom u can see lens data, all lenses on there widest aperture:

!!! I am not a professional lens tester so please take into account that this is made at home and just for those copies of lenses that I got so there is no info about copy variations and target is rather small (A4) and camera is close to target !!!

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