E-M1 Mk III - CAF + Tracking ?

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Re: E-M1 Mk III - CAF + Tracking ?

photofan1986 wrote:

That is one area Olympus really should work on. I am quite (very?) disappointed with the tracking and subject detection of the em5.3 It is one thing to be able to move the lens focusing accurately when the subject moves (thanks to phase detection), but it is another to be able to follow and detect the subject in the frame.

Olympus focusing system reminds me that of a 2010 SLR. Quick and accurate, but not very "smart".

Maybe we will get AF-C+TR algorithm update until this Winter for the 1X at least? Since the E-M1X intro there has not been any sustantial AF-C update, right? Olympus by JIP has chance to fix it. They signed the deal with Oly.

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