Squarehood Review X100V

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Squarehood Review X100V

Squarehood II review

I ordered the sensible round hood and adapter for 15 bucks off Amazon, but of course I had to have that slick look like the cool kids have. So I spent 80 bucks on the metal Squarehood, which I liked because it was square and even has a square lens cap! The tiny set screws that hold this thing in place are so small...god help you if you drop one! Try not to screw them back too far. They are smaller than an ant's right testicle, which is notably smaller than the left.

The good news is that it fits well and I really dig the retro look. The little square lens cap is a nice touch. It fit well with the B+W XS-Pro UV Haze MRC-Nano 010m filter and seems reasonably secure.

Now...It it worth the cost? Does Yoda have good diction? It's not just overpriced; it's hilariously overpriced and really a total indulgence, just like the articulated thumb grip and brass shutter I added. But HEY, life is short and I like it. We'll see how it holds up. (and yes, that's a real skull)

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