Too much dust inside the inner lens of an Oly 12-40 f2.8 Pro ?

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Re: Too much dust inside the inner lens of an Oly 12-40 f2.8 Pro ?

preference onto the lens surfaces in front and behind the aperture.

If you want a dust resistant lens, you have to go for internal zooms or primes, that do not change their outer length when zooming, and do not breathe air but are often filled with Nitrogen or Argon gas. Internal zooms are always larger though. It is a choice you make when buying a lens, and it comes with advantages and disadvantages.

up what the rating "weather sealed to IPX1" means. The suffix "1" is the lowest possible sealing grade against water, and the suffix "X" means

The Olymus 12-40 when mounted onto a weather sealed Olympus camera is rated IPX1. If dust or sand or water is found inside, you have abused it and warranty will be declined.

Good point this basically means they are officially advertising "Dust & Drip Proof Yes",
yet do not commit to measurement specifications for the first point (as do most of the other non super special consumer lens manufactures). Good overview:

And definitely you are right most of the lens groups move when zooming. The "1" in IPX1 also basically only means that a test was done and passed ... nothing else, it is impossible to proof this conditions when something happens during rain in the normal world, so legally this IPX1 classification is in most areas useless and difficult to proof.

I am just puzzled seeing so much dust on that specific lens group in particular when compared to my by far heavier used Pana 14-140. But this could also be related to internal or lens group specific magnification effects-.

I will check some other used Oly 12-40 f2.8 to get a feeling for it.
Apart from that I am quite satisfied with the lens so far.

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