Wacom Cintiq 22 First Impressions and Evaluation

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Wacom Cintiq 22 First Impressions and Evaluation

I was asked by another member to post my thoughts on the Cintiq 22 after I received all the cabling and stuff needed to bring it up for the first time.

My first acquaintance with the Cintiq 22 had specific intentions, 1) to evaluate its use as a second screen, 2) to evaluate the Pen Interface and 3) to get a primary evaluation of the Pen's emulation of custom brush definitions.

Let me first warn that the Cintiq should be hooked up while the laptop is powered off. Connecting the cables while the Laptop was powered on seemed to cause some head-aches where the Pen Interface failed to function or the HDMI failed to function.

Second Screen Usage:

There is no reason why the Cintiq should not have worked as a second screen and indeed, it worked just fine. For those who don't know how to do this, the OS should offer a multi-display setting which allows duplicating the main screen or extending it. When the main screen is duplicated, the same display is replicated on both the laptop and the Cintiq 22. When extended, the Cintiq offers a second screen which may have alternate content than the laptop screen. To make use of the extended screen, windows are dragged right by their title bar from the laptop to the Cintiq 22.

Here, I opened Affinity Photo and undocked the Document View from the application and dragged it to the Cintiq 22.

Laptop with Affinity Photo, Document View abscent, dragged to Cintiq 22 second screen.

Cintiq 22 with Document View from Affinity Photo.

The Zoom dimensions on the Cintiq are controlled from Affinity Photo on the Laptop.

Pen Interface:

I haven't yet fully tested the pen interface, but what I have found is that the Pen fairly much duplicates all mouse functionality (except for the scroll wheel), allowing it to fully take advantage of all applications on the Laptop. And then, of course, it can be used to paint or draw with as if hand holding a real pen or paint brush. That was refreshing to find.

BTW: The mouse is still usable concurrently on both the primary and secondary screens.

Custom Brush Emulation:

I apologize for not having any Images to demonstrate my evaluations of custom brush emulation. But it worked fairly well. It is important to note that Affinity Applications must be setup to capitalize on Stylus Pressure and Custom Brushes must be defined with various features set for responsiveness. One brush will not behave like another, depending upon the features set. This is all controlled from the applications. The Affinity Applications have a fantastic capacity to create and utilize custom brushes.

I will try to follow up on these initial first impressions and evaluations as I find time.

Oh, that power cord cable is too short.

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