"breakeven" cost between P700 and P900, considering cartridge costs

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Re: "breakeven" cost between P700 and P900, considering cartridge costs

jpegman wrote:

The 6 month is a marketing myth - everyone of the OEM ink refillers and ebay buyers of Epson OEM carts for any Epson printer will tell you that pigment inks last for years beyond the expiration date printed.


It's been well documented that ink stored correctly (ie cool dark, dry place) will last for years open or not.  In fact, since many of Epson's cartridges pack the ink in a sealed bag with little or no exposure to air, the worse that can happen is that the ink separates as the pigment settles which a little agitation every few months will address.

Plus, if you think about it, OEM inks have a colour lifespan measured in decades when printed and dried even when exposed to air and light.  Now think of what would happen if you removed air and light which is basically ink stored in an OEM cartridge.
The 6-month number probably has more to do with Epson wanting people to use the printer regularly so that the nozzles on the print head don't clog up and they receive a warranty call due to the clogged heads.  Fewer clogs, the lower the potential support cost for Epson.

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