Not too fond review of R6?

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Re: Not too fond review of R6?

Master619 wrote:

pekr wrote:

I am watching Potato Jet and liking his reviews. This time, he reviews R6 (though from the video point of view) and I am kind of negatively surprised about the following issues:

- The color balance compared to EOS R is imo shifted too much towards the warmer colors

- What is the autofocus doing at 7:52?

- Camera freezing and lost footage? 6:03

As a photographer, I do care most about the AF issue. Anyone else noticing so much of a camera hunting? Even if his face was framed in a greed box (according to his words), the focus was off.


Don't get me wrong, I like Potato Jet's contents (I subscribed to his channel). But in this video maybe his unit (and/or the lens) was somehow faulty.

- color balance issue: really weird considering none of the other youtubers has such issues (maybe camera conspiracy but even then it's just a bit difference between R5 and R6). This much difference should have been a fault somewhere (maybe his unit, maybe something with the lighting / angle, some misconfiguration...). Most other youtubers find the colors just as pleasing, if not better, than previous generations.

- AF: could also be a faulty R6 unit, or even the lens' fault. Or a very edge case (the subject was having his eyes closed there which makes it a bit harder than average for the camera to detect the eyes). I take it that you shoot mainly photos and not much video? My R6 has been flawless with eye AF across 4 photoshoots (2 of which being cosplay events where I don't have any set up and just catch the moments of different people, some even with heavy make up / one eye hidden behind the hair,...). Those was with the 70-200 ii and 85mm 1.4 through adapter, so I imagine native RF glass can only perform better.

- No guess about the freezing though.

I've seen a few other YouTuber's with similar problems concerning the R6 color balance and a number of channels who have had issues with the focusing.  In some cases, it can be flat out terrible for both the R6 and R5!

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