Am I doing polar alignment right please?

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Re: Am I doing polar alignment right please?

Hello Cheddarman,

You say, "I open Polar Scope Align on my iPhone and adjust the wedge horizontally (by the two little horizontal knobs) and vertically to put Polaris on the centre of the three graticule circles where indicated by the Polar Scope Align App."

I don't know if you meant to say that you put Polaris on the center of the graticule circles.

The center of the graticule circles represents earth's rotation axis, projected into space as the so-called celestial axis around which everything rotates, including Polaris.  Polaris is about 0.75 deg from the celestial axis and represents a convenient starting point, but it is not the point to which you want to align your mount's right ascension axis.  Rather, you need to adjust your mount so that Polaris is located at the point on the polarscope circle indicated by your phone app.

If your polar alignment seems to be off, you could give drift alignment a try.  It's not as tedious as it appears.

Pardon me if you were already aware of this and if my comments are redundant.

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