LUMIX 20mm II - Purple Fringing?

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LUMIX 20mm II - Purple Fringing?

Hi All,

Have owned a Panasosnic Lumix G85 for about two years.  Shot at first with the 12-60 kit lens, and a year ago added the LUMIX 45-150.  Use DXO PhotoLab Elite 2.3.2 as my photo editor.  Shoot RAW and JPG but usually process/edit RAW.  All was well; satisfied with the results.

Recently purchased the LUMIX 20mm II lens.  When viewing the RAW files, I'm seeing a lot of purple fringing in the usual places - tree branches with green leaves and a bright sky behind them.  Was at the ocean recently and images of waves crashing against rocks show excessive purple fringing on the spray droplets.

DXO has a "Chromatic Aberration" sub option "Purple Fringing," which I have ticked on, but I have to crank the associated "Intensity" option to 90% to mitigate the purple fringing.  (I am aware that DXO will not display the results of the Chromatic Aberration filter at image sizes less than 75%.)

On JPGs, the purple fringing is barely visible, as if the DXO JPG default preset is accounting for it.

I'm absolutely certain I have the correct DXO modules (both JPG and RAW) for the LUMIX 20mm II ASPH lens loaded in DXO.

I also see the same fringing when viewing both RAW and JPGs with the default SILKYPIX STUDIO 8.x editor (but I rarely use it).  And as with DXO, the JPGs exhibit much less fringing.

I'm surprised.  The lens gets decent reviews and I haven't seen any mention of "Purple Fringing." - but I'm definitely seeing it.  Other than the fringing issue, the lens seems all right to me (some linear distortion - but that's corrected easily in DXO).

Any insight into this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Danny V.

Panasonic G85
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